Giga, founded in 1976, and now run by Mats Hellberg, is a record company which exclusively
produces recordings of Swedish folk music, mostly in a traditional style. Thus a majority of the
albums are dominated by fiddle playing - solo, in small groups and larger spelmanslag, but Giga
is also open for less traditional ensembles.
  Many of today´s leading fiddlers are on the Giga label, such as Kalle Almlöf, Mats Berglund,
Ola Bäckström, Ellika Frisell, Per Gudmundson, Ole Hjorth, Kungs Levi Nilsson, Pers Hans
, Simon Simonsson, Jonny Soling and Björn Ståbi, but also deceased
masters such as Hjort Anders Olsson, Nils Agenmark and Päkkos Gustaf.
   Most of the music comes from Giga´s home province of Dalarna, which should not
be seen as parochialism. There are simply so many great players living there.
  The recordings are made in carefully selected rooms, using valve microphones to accurately
capture the timbre of the acoustic instruments.