Pelle Björnlert and Johan Hedin
Musikanter, polskas and andantes
Here is the successful outcome from when the two style-conscious Småland musicians Pelle Björnlert and Johan Hedin, come together. How about browsing in the new worlds discovered when the two play in four part harmony using the violin d'amore and tenor nyckelharpa in addition to a terrifying number of resonance strings. You find Småland dance music together with tunes that are more suitable for listening to. Some tunes composed by Pelle Björnlert also turn up among the traditional melodies.

Ulf Störling and Anders Henriksson
Bland Winblad och Tulpan
Ulf Störling och Anders Henriksson demonstrate examples of the century-old duet tradition from Hälsingland. They present with pride the delightful music of Hälsingland, performed with that special articulation, ornamentation and timbre they have learned from older generations of fiddlers, and which differs from the way Hälsingland tunes are usually played today. Tulpan & Pajas of Alfta and Jon Erssen & Lillback Olle from Arbrå and Alfta are among those who have inspired Ulf Störling and Anders Henriksson to develop this art of playing duets.

Täpp Ida Almlöf, Jenny Täpp and Jenny Bergman
Gässbikôllor are the girls from Gärdsjö, sisters Täpp Ida Almlöf and Jenny Täpp together with their friend Jenny Bergman. Three experienced musicians who carry on the heritage of the almost legendary Bingsjö fiddler Päkkos Gustaf. In addition to the intensive Bingsjö tunes there is music from Rättvik. There are tunes from brothers Blank Kalle and Blank Anders, and polskas from Petters Erik. Hear Gässbikôllor's expressive interpretations of their favourites.